Troubleshooting: Trophy Camera Brown, Bushnell

Heej everyone, I am a Dutch student currently conducting a camera trap study in Costa Rica. I will be comparing density estimates of mammals between line transect surveys and camera trap data. One of the cameras is not working properly and I hope one of you can inform me about the reason why. The images are completely white, there are no signs of moving objects or animals in the image. Before this the images were often extremely white but still I could see which animals triggered the camera. I checked wether this could have been because of sunlight shining into the camera but even when the camera was pointed towards a darker background it stil produced complete white images. It is a  Trophy Camera Brown, Bushnell with model number 119636.  I hope someone can provide me with possible explanations for this. If you need any more information, please ask me. Thanks in advance! Grtz. Marissa 

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