Residents of the Forest: Camera Trap Educational series shows the diversity of Amazon dwellers

Hi all,

We are producing a short camera trap video series that might interest some of you. It is named “Residents of the Forest: Educational series shows the diversity of Amazon dwellers”. Altogether, the series will bring ten videos, one each month, depicting the results of an initiative that installed 20 camera traps inside the reserve and all the videos will be bilingual (Portuguese/English).

The video are part the current work in Resex Chico Mendes in Acre-Brazil, a partnership among WWF-Brazil, the Cooperative of the Community Forest Producers (Cooperfloresta), and the Association of Residents and Producers of the Chico Mendes Extractivist Reserve in Xapuri (Amoprex), and the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio). and the Management Council of  of Resex Chico Mendes.

The  specie portrayed in the last video is the  Tapir (Tapirus terrestris), the largest forest mammal in South America. There is a  press release in English about this  video: that contains the YouTube link to the English  video version  ( )

The first video of the series, released in April 2018, showed the first video record in Resex Chico Mendes of the Pacarana (Dinomys branickii), a rare and little-known species by scientists ( video link of the Pacarana in English from WWF UK:

The is also a Portuguese version of the press-release and Tapir video here: 

As well a portuguese version of the pacarana video here:

If anyone needs additional information I am available to help. 

I hope you enjoy  and please help us share the video widely!


Felipe Spina Avino

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