How are you using your Audiomoth?

The 'Audiomoth: Who wants to join a group buy?' case study in our Annual Report has been getting lots of positive attention. People seem to be particularly interested in the map we included that showed the spread of participants in the group buys - which was a composite of the visitors to WILDLABS who views the audiomoth group buy threads and the members we were aware of that actually participated in the group buys. 

Between Arribada, Open Acoustic Devices and WILDLABS it's currently fairly easy to get a pretty good picture of where a lot of the audiomoths are being sent - but with new ways of purchasing audiomoths coming online (e.g. Labmaker), this will get harder to track. And while we hear bits and pieces through comments here and on twitter of how you're using your audiomoths, it would be great to get a better picture of what you're actually doing with your devices in addition to where they're going in the world. 

So, if you 're using audiomoths. consider this a place to indulge in a bit of self promotion and shamelessly share what you're doing. Things we're interested to hear about include:

  • Species you're monitoring or research questions/conservation challenge you're tackling
  • Where you're working (general location/country)
  • Helpful resources (e.g. @hj.wood 's water resistant case design shared here)
  • Links to any project websites
  • Links to your papers or results when they're published 

There's a great community of audiomoth users, so this could be the start of a really nice resource and network for others to tap into for support and information.   

(cc- @Alasdair , @Andrew Hill  )

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