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I'm honored to be part of this WILDLABS group and specifically this Camera Trap forum. I hope that what I've learned weekly over the past 14 years will help others. Most of my work in Colorado has been focused on mountain lions. I was face bumped by a male mountain lion 14 years ago in the Never Summer Wilderness. Taking a nap on a ridge, laying on my side, and fast asleep, the lion came up from my back side, stuck his head over my high shoulder and pushed on my face with his muzzle. A no coffee needed moment for sure. I bolted upright and saw a flash behind me as he ran off. Then I saw his track next to where I was laying. The mud was crusted dry on top with wet mud underneath. His claws were extended into that wet mud. When this stuff happens and you are alone, weird thoughts run through your frontal lobe. I thought, "Maybe his mom told him he should never eat a carcass that has started to turn sour." I hadn't showered for a few days and that might have saved me. 

I LOVE spending time where mountain lions roam. I have learned so much about their habits and habitat. I use no lures. All of my footage is of wild animals doing what they do naturally. I want all my footage to be of natural behavior of wildlife. When I started capturing lion footage I would count myself lucky to capture footage every few months. Now I'm able to capture footage weekly. I am very lucky to live in a place where wildlife is abundant and wild places are available to roam. 

When looking for places to set up cameras I focus on four factors (wind direction. topographic pinch points, edges and limited water). I also use Google Earth a lot as a pre-scouting tool. It saves me weeks in the field. I document, based on experience, all of the travel and hunting routes of predators before I go out and substantiate my assumptions in the field. 

I use a Sony A6300 with equipment. I also use alot of Browning cameras. 

Eager to learn and support others through this forum. You can view my videos at:

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