Solutions to Camera Trap Theft?

The issue of camera trap theft has plagued many of us for years. Our research team has been trying to find innovative solutions to this problem for a while now. I wrote a short story on our plight here

Some time ago we opened a survey monkey survey to collect specific details on theft and vandalism . I have threatened to close this survey for some time but have not had time to analyse the results from over 400 people globally so at this point it is still open. We hope to present these results to Industry to try and encourage better security for our data, and publish the data. 

One option we are looking at is the incorporation of technology into camera traps to help locate stolen devices. I am always keen to hear what ideas other people are developing in this field, so if you have any great ideas to prevent theft, or have ideas for different technolgy that we can consider, please reply or email me direct at [email protected].



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