Global Fishing Watch: New Release Online Now

Global Fishing Watch Beta Release 2.0 is Here!

Global Fishing Watch has launched a new version of the interactive map that includes new features and coverage of 60,000 vessels, an increase of more than 70%. The new release adds improved ability to customize the map view and share your work.

Beta Release 2.0 has been developed in response to some great feedback they have been getting from our registered users since we launched in September.

As a registered user, you can now:

  • Upload a custom layer and overlay your data onto the Global Fishing Watch interactive map.
  • Generate and download a report of fishing activity data within selected marine protected areas, Exclusive Economic Zones, or Regional Fisheries Management Organizations, over a selected time period.
  • Filter results to display commercial fishing vessels by the country in which they are registered and see multiple nations in one view.
  • Automatically revisit vessels you selected in previous sessions.

Access to the map has also been expanded:

  • Basic map features will be available without registration.
  • All map users will be able to embed their customized workspaces into third-party websites for public sharing.

Check out the new map today. Are you using Global Fishing Watch in your work? I'm interested to hear examples of situations where it has helped in on the ground conservation. If you are using GFW please share your experiences.