Remote Camera Data Processing - Counting Individual Animals?

Hi Everyone,

I just thought to put the question out there to all of you using remote cameras to see if there is a common way of processing the photos collected from remote cameras. in particular, the time frame given when counting individual animals. EG: I have a fox captured in 3 photos, it leaves the camera frame for 30 seconds and then comes back into frame. How many times this fox is counted depends on the time frame decided on. Is that counted as 1 individual fox or 2?

I would love to hear about the time frame people use and how they have come up with that number. I am yet to find a paper that discusses this.

I have currently have 36 cameras in a 5x5km grid and I am collecting camera data to get an occupancy rate of feral species It would be great to have reasoning behind the time frame decision.

Thanks in advance


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