Resource: Camelot - new camera trap software

Camelot is an open-source, web-based tool to help wildlife conservationists with camera trapping.
Camera Trapping software for Species Identification & Reports.
By Christopher Mann of BitPattern.
Developed in consultation with Fauna & Flora International.

The latest version of Camelot is: 1.0.0

Makes classifying camera trap photos quick and easy
Keeps track of camera trap, camera and species data
Gives you a head start on data analysis
Plays nicely with other software, such as CamtrapR.
Lets multiple people use it at the same time
Runs on Windows, OSX and Linux
Is easy to start using

The Camelot application, source code and documentation are available from

The Camelot community for questions, support and discussion is located at the Google Group!forum/camelot-project

Chris and I will be monitoring the Google Group for questions, concerns, comments.

I'd like to thank Chris Mann for his tireless volunteer dedication to this software project. The software as-is will be a huge benefit to conservation scientists. I'd like to thank Dr Benjamin Rawson formerly of FFI-Vietnam (and now of WWF - Greater Mekong) who trusted me with all his images.

And a huge thank you to the FFI Camelot Beta Testers from the Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam programs. Your feedback has been invaluable.

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