Digitising powerlines in bird migratory pathways

We are working on the identification of the threats along the flyway of the Egyptian vulture, endangered vutlure species migrating from Europe to Africa.

As powerlines represent an important danger for these raptors and other migratory birds, it is important for us to situate them. For that reason we are wondering if it would be possible to create an algorithm to digitise these power lines. Then we could distinguish pylons types and organize conservation actions including the insulation of dangerous lines.

For the moment we used satellite tracking data to identify migrations bottlenecks, grid cells, strategic areas where we will focus our efforts.

If anybody knows the existence of such data on existing powerlines infrastructures or has a suggestion how to count the number of electricity pylons in grid cells along the migration route of an endangered raptor, we would be very grateful for the help.

Thank you !

Clémentine B

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