[ARCHIVED EVENT]: Approaches to Analysing Camera Trap Data

On Friday 22nd April, the David Attenborough Building Stats Club will be meeting to discuss approaches to analysing camera trap data. This is a broad field, and camera traps are becoming ubiquitous among many projects, but there is often a lot of uncertainty and confusion about what questions can be addressed, what assumptions are reasonable, and what models to use to analyse camera trapping data. 

A recent paper by Beaudrot et al, 2015, which has a robust analysis of a large dataset, is going to be used as a starting point for the discussion in the meeting. For those not able to attend the meeting on Friday, perhaps this could serve as a way to kick off a simultaneous discussion here on WILDLABS.NET?

For those in Cambridge, we will be meeting on Friday at 1pm in the Common Room of the David Attenborough Building. 

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