App Development Environment for Commercial Trail Cameras

I have recently prototyped a programming environment that allows me to customize the firmware of a commercial trail camera (Browning BTC7A) by adding new functions/features written in C.

For example, in this proof of concept, I developed code that:

  • allows the camera (normally IR illuminated) to use a white LED array, and thus take color night time photos/videos
  • displays the time and date stamp of photos/videos in larger (readable) font on the review screen
  • implements a "stateful" battery monitor that keeps track of energy usage by the camera as a means of estimating the state of charge of newly installed alkaline or lithium batteries
  • bypasses limitations on video length of LED-illuminated videos in the BTC-7A

With some more work, I could see developing this prototype into a fairly general "App" development environment for the BTC-7A -- allowing customization of Trail Camera features without requiring the (much harder) development from scratch of the whole trail camera hardare/firmware/RTOS stack. 

Before I do this work, though, I thought I'd gauge this group for interest, and possible collaborators/co-developers.  

Please let me know what you think about the potential usefulness of trail camera customization.  Also, whether you, or your group would be interested in a Trail Camera App environment, and whether you'd be interested in working on it.