Innovators wanted: the UN Food Systems Summit

I’m an editor at FoodUnfolded – an EU-funded platform focused on reconnecting people with their food and where it comes from, and supporting a more sustainable future of food. 

We’re running partner dialogues as part of the first UN Food Systems Summit, where we’re hoping to bring together a curated group of people from across the food system (along with consumers) to discuss specific challenges that face us when it comes to creating a sustainable future of food. I’m curating a dialogue looking to explore how we can transform fishing to make it a more sustainable industry, whilst simultaneously supporting fisherfolk to ensure that no-one is left behind during that transformation.

I’m looking to include some perspectives around how innovation could help fishing become more sustainable in the future, and what that means for people working in fisheries. Is there anyone in this community who might be interested in joining and sharing their perspective?

If you are, please drop me an email at [email protected]!