Cellular and Lora camera traps

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I'm looking for feedback from field experience using cellular and/or LoRA camera trap. How is the reliability of those systems and how strong have to be the network connection?

Example of products:

https://www.trailcampro.com/products/copy-of-covert-lora-lb-v3-verizon (If other camera I'm interested) How effective the lora connection is between the base station and the cameras?

https://www.piegephotographique.fr/boutique/fr/appareils-gsm-a-renvoi-de... (anyone test this one?)


The area concern by the utilization of those camera traps are inaccessible with for some of them poor connection (It why Lora camera were interested because base emission can be placed on a connection point while cameras are not necessary connected to network). The relief is strong with heavy rain, so product have to be reliable.

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