(Arctic Fox) trap alarm based on LoRa Adafruit

I managed to get a working protoype of a LoRa based trap alarm system. 

I based it on Adafruit Feather M0 RFM96 LoRa Radio (433 MHz) tranceivers based on a little experience with other Adafruit M0 microcontrollers.

I designed the system with a "base station" and a number of "trap nodes". 

The sensor on the trap nodes are simple reed or magnet switches that will trigger when a magnet is moved away and I use a combination of beeps and blinks on the base to indicate the various states of the traps.

The hardest part was to make the arduino codes to make this all happen but I got some help from my wife (used to programming). 

I could not find many examples of useful code using these particular boards but I found something similar I could learn from. I really ought to properly docement me own project and share it...

My code is not very clean at all and probably much longer than it needs to be to accomplish what I want but the main thing for me is that it works... 

I have had a few looks at freaklabs.org and freakduino boards. It seems chibiarduino really take some of the complexity out of the coding and will make it much easier for people not used to programming. I consider watching the bould you own data logger videos and might consider these for future projects - but I believe the 900 MHz frequency used is not allowed in Europe so unless there will be a 433MHz I might have to pass.