BLE connection problems

Hello Akiba and Jacinta,
I am doing connection tests of the Wildlogger through the BLE HM-10 module and I have a problem for which I can not find a solution
I have connected the power supply of the HM-10 to the VCC5, the RX and TX communication lines, and the connection is made correctly through the serial port via BLE, I can receive and send data, but the moment I disconnect the BLE, the Wildlogger stop transmitting data.
Apparently the problem is in the RX line of the WL, level 3.3V, connected to the TX of the HM-10, at the moment the BLE connection is broken, it remains in a low state (1.4V), preventing the transmission of the serial port and the normal operation of the program
I don't know if I could configure the HM-10 so that its RX pin remains in a floating state when it does not have a working BLE connection, and thus avoid interfering with the serial port of the WL?
I hope I have explained myself. Do you have any ideas?
Kind regards,