Battery status monitoring no longer working

Thread continued from Module 4 and 5


Just loaded and run the Module 4-1 code and found that the battery status monitoring is not working as expected.  When I loaded and (first) ran the Module 3.3 code the battery  monitoring worked as expected.

Now with no battery connected the first battery voltage reading after loading the code reads as about 3V, subsequents reads return somewhere between 5V-6V, I was expecting to read 0V as per the video.

Then with the battery connected each attempt to read the battery voltage returns with the raw ADC value max'ed out at 1023.

Not sure what i can be doing differently. The only possibility that I can think of is that I have (unintentionally) moved the position of slider switch S1 (to OFF).  But if I put it in the other position (ON) the code will not load.  If not to do with the position of S1, could this be a hardware fault?

I have attached a text file saved from the serial monitor output when I tried to re-run Module 3.3, in order to show the ADC values read.


Phil Young