EarthHz tool

Awesome tools are out there for bioacoustic monitoring - so jazzed about the growing acoustic community!

Here's another one the Songs of Adaptation project launched yesterday.

Open-source Tensorflow/Keras machine learning models that pull from Microsoft's DataLake storage (since we get free storage/processing there as an AI4Earth grantee).  No need to remember a new password!  Create an account with any gmail address. 

Happy listening!  Our first round of results are live for citizen scientists to listen and label and visualize on interactive graphs (and soon we will add features to download results for further analysis). 

Stuck indoors without fieldwork during COVID?  Enjoy bird calls from Nepal, Bolivia, and the USA (species presence data from 2018-2020 bulk audio recordings, open-source for research and partnership).

Cheers!  The Songs of Adaptation team