Open Source Camera Trap

Hi all new to your site so far a lot of good info from what I see.

I have multiple trail cameras some cellular some standard but what I would like to build is a long range WiFi open source camera here is my idea I know I can buy these but I love to tinker with single computer boards. 

here is the idea I currently have a tplink cpe210 WiFi extender this connects to my home internet I can use this to connect to a WiFi device like an Argo reolink camera that has a solar panel attached to it and in logic should be able to get distance distance this is one idea.

The other idea is to use a single computer board attached to solar and do the same thing , I could then with this idea write a program to up load photos and send them via txt message or web site or something like that but what stumps me is out to power these up via solar and battery types 

any ideas would be helpful 

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