Recruiting interview participants re. conservation+communities+tech

Hi everyone -

I'm at student at the University of Washington who's starting up a cross-sectional interview study about conservation+communities+technology, and I'm writing this post to ask for some help recruiting participants.

We want to interview the staff of conservancies and other environmental institutions, and learn about the different ways they use mobile phones and other technology in their interactions with local communities. We'll compensate all the interview participants $10 USD, and we're hoping to get insight for new technology developments that could help conservancy staff and the communities they serve. (There's more information in the attached invitation letter.)

If you know anybody in conservancies or other environmental institutions who work directly with local communities, and you think they might like to participate, please pass this along! (Or please get in touch if you're one of these people yourself!) I'd also really appreciate other ideas about how I could find participants.

You can best reach me at [email protected]

Thanks! Hope you're all staying healthy =)

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