Challenge #3: Fish Catch Monitoring

Hi Wildlabbers,  

Following our recent Tech Tutors episode on monitoring fishing (check it out here! and ask Max questions over in this thread), we've got our third Sustainable Fishing Challenge ready to share with all of you! 

In today's post on the WILDLABS blog, Dan discusses discusses how technology could make the supply chain more sustainable throughout the process, from catching the fish to getting them to the market. Read the entire post here.

After reading the post, think about these three key questions for this thread: 

  • How does better digitally documenting catch lead to changes “on the water”?
  • Could blockchain technologies be used in small-scale fisheries to enable fairer market access?
  • In addition to revealing illegal practices, can digital catch information incentivise better practices?

Please share your ideas, any resources on this subject, etc. And if you have ideas for a future sustainable fishing challenge topic, let us know!


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