Module 2: Setting up the Arduino IDE

Hi WILDLoggers, 

Module 2 is now live! Thanks to everyone attending our Office Hours with Akiba and Jacinta today. If you can't make it, don't forget that you can always use this forum to ask your questions in each modules' thread. (And if you're in the Americas, visit this thread to find out about future Office Hours in Western Hemisphere timezones.)

You can find all of our Module Two videos and resources here on WILDLABS, and on our course playlist on our Youtube channel.

Use this thread to ask Akiba and Jacinta your module 2 questions, and chat with each other about the content. If you can't attend the Module 2 Office Hours (register here if you'd like to join us!), we'll make sure Akiba and Jacinta answer it in the Q&A recording, or get back to you in this thread.

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Happy building!