Early Career

(Open Group)

The WILDLABS forums are where conservation tech community members from every career stage gather to ask questions, share resources, and network. If you're just getting started in your #tech4wildlife career, making a career change from the tech world into conservation, or you're a student finding your path in the field, the Early Career group wants to meet you! Likewise, for our members with more experience in the field, the Early Career forum is an excellent place for our conservation tech experts to share opportunities and resources with a wide audience.

Looking to build up your general knowledge of conservation tech and learn new skills? Get started with our Tech Tutors series, where you'll find not only simple conservation tech tutorials and Q&As, but in-depth resource banks for each episode! You can also get a big picture overview of the latest in #tech4wildlife by watching our Virtual Meetup panel discussions.

Talia Speaker is the Early Career Group Manager. Get in touch if you have any questions or ideas about the group.