Acoustic Monitoring

(Open Group)

Bioacoustic monitoring is one of our biggest and most active groups, with members collecting and analysing acoustic data from every type of wildlife, from birds and bats to big cats, and even reptiles! There's also a huge intersection between acoustic monitoring and other conservation type research areas, including AI, camera traps, and biologging. 

With tools like Audiomoth becoming more acessible than ever, it's a great time to get involved with acoustic monitoring! If you're new to acoustic monitoring, you can get started by watching our Tech Tutors episodes "How do I perform automated recordings of bird asemblages?", "How do I scale up acoustic surveys with Audiomoths and automated processing?", and "How do I train my first machine learning model?" You can also watch our Virtual Meetup on Acoustic Monitoring to learn about the latest innovations in this field.

Header photo credit: @OpenAcoustics, submitted to the 2018 #Tech4wildlife Photo Challenge. View the original here.