community announcement / 18 March 2020

WILDLABS Virtual Workshop Recording: Running Engaging Events on Zoom

Our first-ever WILDLABS virtual workshop about maximizing engagement and productivity in virtual events is now available to watch. We started by sharing lessons learned from the process we've developed for our Virtual Meetup Series and then were joined by some excellent additional speakers who are experts at handling different sized groups and purposes - small team meetings, formal AGMs and a full conference moving online with a week's notice.  Watch here

Date & Time 

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 

4pm-5:30pm GMT / 12pm-1:30pm EDT

Background & Need

During this rapid global adjustment to remote work, our team has received many questions and requests for advice from people who have attended and found value in our WILDLABS Virtual Meetups. We're organizing this workshop to create a space to share our knowledge, answer these questions, and run a community troubleshooting/brainstorming session. Our aim for this event is to assist our community in getting the most possible value out of the remote engagements we are all starting to rely upon more heavily. 


  • Welcome and introductions (5 min)
  • Stephanie O'Donnell & Talia Speaker, WILDLABS Team (40 min)
  • Community contributions (5 min each)
    • Shah Selbe and Michael Weinberg: Moving the OH Conference online with a week's warning
    • Allen Pope: Moving the International Arctic Science Committee formal meeting online
    • Stefanie Butland: rOpenSci Community Calls - tools for collaborating in smaller meetings (shared note taking)
  • Open Q&A discussion (20 min)
  • Takeaways and wrap up (5 min)


Link to Zoom Workshop

Click through image (or here) to watch the full recording. 

Resources and Template Documents

To support members of our community who are needing to pivot to virtual events, we have put all our templates and process documents into a google drive. Please use what you need. If these are helpful or you make improvements. please tell us! If you have trouble accesing it, email us at [email protected]

We've also included a google doc called 'Useful Resources for Hosting Virtual Events'. Anyone should have access to edit this document through this link. Please add your links and other resources as you find them.  

Image Credits

All images shared in the WILDLABS presentation were shared by our community as part of the Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge.

Slide 15: Anne Dangerfield / @danger_anne

Slide 17: OpenWild / @OpenWildOrg

Slide 18: Kristen Hechtbender / @HellbenderHecht

Slide 23: Smart Parks / @SmartParksOrg

Slide 25; Andrew Barnas / @AndrewBarnas

Slide 27: Adrian Hughes / @AdieHughes

Slide 28: Simon Hoyte / @SimonHoyte

Slide 29: Claudia Wultsch / @claudiawultsch

Slide 30: Arjun Dheer / @ArjDheer

Slide 31: Alvaro Garcia-Olaechea / @alvaro_garcia_o

Slide 33: Claire Burke / @CBurkeSci

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