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Starting today: Join the 7th annual #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge!

Our annual #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge is a weeklong celebration of our community and all the exciting and innovative ways you’re using conservation tech in your work. This week, take a photo, share it on Twitter with #Tech4Wildlife and tell us how you're using #tech4wildlife! 

This week, beginning today, Monday 12 September, WILDLABS is hosting our seventh annual #Tech4Wildlife photo challenge

Join in from 12 - 16 September and share how you’re using #Tech4Wildlife

Our annual #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge is a weeklong celebration of our community and all the innovative and impactful ways you’re using conservation tech. Every year on Twitter, we bring together community members from around the world to showcase and honor the exciting, unique, and groundbreaking work of conservation tech users and makers alike.

Getting involved is simple - just use the hashtag #Tech4Wildlife on Twitter to share photos and videos of how you use tech in the field, lab, or wherever it is you’re working! This is your chance to show off your projects - big, small, new, or old - and share with our global community the diverse, innovative ways that you’re impacting wildlife conservation with technology of all kinds.

Over the past six years, we’ve seen highly endangered kakapo monitored and protected with custom technology in New Zealand, orca biologging tags collecting movement data and HD video footage in Norway, individual bears identified with the power of AI in Alaska, penguins surveyed with drones in Antarctica, condors monitored with streaming cameras in their nests in California, local communities empowered to use conservation tech in Mozambique, and much more! 

So we want to know: How are you using #Tech4Wildlife

This year's header image is from Laura N. Kloepper, who joined our 2021 photo challenge to share how she uses #tech4wildlife to study echolocation and flight behavior of swarming bats. In the photo she shared, you'll see 'her biological drone and uav, who carries custom bioacoustics and video equipment as she flies through swarms of bats so we can better understand echolocation'. Check out our 2021 #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge Community Highlights

By participating, you’ll join hundreds of other users of conservation tech and draw attention to all the ways in which tech can be used to support wildlife conservation. In six years, we've seen over 6,000 tweets around the hashtag, with more than 1,000 photos and videos posted by our community showing how they're using tech in the wild. Images from our #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge have reached more than 1.5 million people, establishing our #tech4wildlife hashtag as the go-to place for conservation tech on twitter and raising awareness for all the vital conservation work happening within our community on every continent around the globe. 

If you're just discovering #Tech4Wildlife, our photo wall is a fantastic visual resource for uncovering the breadth of projects happening throughout our community. 

tech4wildlife post feed

The #tech4wildlife photo wall is the best place to explore the wide variety of conservation technology projects around the world, with posts from every continent!

We’d love to celebrate your projects and successes, wherever they’ve taken place and whatever your preferred conservation tech tools!  To join us in our weeklong celebration, all you need to do is: 

  1. Take a photo of how you are using tech to help and stud wildlife (or find an old favourite from past projects)
  2. Share it on Twitter: tell us a bit about your work and the tech featured
  3. Remember to use the hashtag #Tech4Wildlife and tag us at @WILDLABSNET

And new to the Photo Challenge this year is our Artistic category for submissions. Express yourself with creative photography, painting, infographic designs - anything that highlights why conservation tech matters to you!

All week, we will feature all the images shared in our #Tech4Wildlife image feed right here on WILDLABS.NET. 

On 16 September, we'll celebrate the very best images and videos shared in the 2022 #Tech4Wildlife Photo Challenge. Make sure you share your photos before 15 September to be considered for the #Tech4Wildlife honours list! 

And be sure to join our WILDLABS Variety Hour on 14 September, when we'll be joined by four presenters who created some of our all time favourite #Tech4Wildlife entries. Come along and hear about drones & whale tags in Antarctica, custom electronics on a hawk, monitoring hawksbill turtles in Equador, tags on bats in Kenya. 

We'll see you all week  - we can't wait to see what you're working on! 

Please note that if your picture includes children under the age of 18, by using the hashtag, you grant WILDLABS permission to use that image and represent that you have the authority to grant that permission on behalf of all pictured children.

By participating in the WILDLABS #tech4wildlife campaign through the sharing of photos on social media sites (e.g., without limitation, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram), you grant WILDLABS the right to display your photo and/or post on the #tech4wildlife webpage, in WILDLABS's discretion, and represent that you have all rights necessary to grant that right, including without limitation all necessary copyrights and permissions of those featured. If your photo contains images of children under the age of 18, you specifically grant to WILDLABS permission to use those images and represent that you have all necessary authority to grant such permission. If you have any questions about the use of these photos, please email us at [email protected].

#Tech4Wildlife Photo Feed

View the full feed on twitter to see all the photos and videos that have been shared with the #Tech4Wildlife hashtag.

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