discussion / Camera Traps  / 17 January 2024

Replacement screen for Bushnell cameratrap

Hi all,

I have an arboreal camera trap array using the Bushnell E3 Trophy cam. One of the cameras has suffered damage at the hands of white faced capuchins. The camera trap still functions but the screen covering the flash bulbs has been shattered. Does anyone have any idea what plastic will work as a replacement and what glue to use to seal it in that won't effect the electronics. It would be nice to repair it.

Hey Lucy!

You should be able to pick up a small piece of infrared emitting plastic online for super cheap that would allow for the IR lights to pass through, but block UV from coming in. Anything should be able to be glued and sealed using expoy, which shouldn't damage any electronic components, but will ensure weatherproofing.






I have fixed Bushnell TrophyCam IR windows with plastic cut from the bottom of a supermarket fruit package. Any thin, clear plastic will be OK. I stuck it in with silicone, but make sure you get the neutral cure type that does not emit acetic acid as it sets.