discussion / AI for Conservation  / 27 November 2023

Is anyone or platform supporting ML for camera trap video processing (id-ing jaguar)? 

Hi wildlabbers, 

I have another colleague looking for support for getting started using AI for processing videos coming out of their camera traps - specifically for species ID of individual jaguar as a start (they have training data). Is anyone or any of the existing platforms doing this? I can't tell from dan's giant list of ML platforms which ones (if any?) support video!

Thanks for your help! 




There was a very related and very recent thread on video from camera traps here:

It is always possible to split videos into frames using ffmpeg (or https://ffmpeg-batch.sourceforge.io) or similar and then feed the to the ML workflow. I am pretty sure ffmpeg can do something clever with meta data and filenames so metadata follows the files.