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Alternative trackers for study of grey parrots movement patterns

Hi everyone, i pray this message reaches you well. Please I am looking for alternative ideas as to which other tracker to use on the African grey parrots to track their movement patterns as part of my PhD studies. The initial trackers which was chosen was the Argos pinpoint 150, but securing funding to get at least 10 of these trackers has really been challenging. Any suggestions will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

My understanding is that the Argos (Lotek) Pinpoint tags are some of the least expensive ones available, but you might also try Cellular Tracking Technologies (Microwave Telemetry & GeoTrak also product Argos tags for parrots, but I believe they are more expensive). 

Keep in mind that keeping tags on parrots is going to be probably a bigger challenge than raising funds to get tags for parrots...

ps: here's a full list of Argos manuf, for reference - 



Hi @Benedicta 

Does the area you are tracking in have cellphone reception? If so, something like this might be suitable (with a bit of modification to the housing): 



If there's no cellphone coverage, You might also be able to adapt these (or talk to the company about adapting them):

A note though that these rely on base stations to collect data. 

All the best for your studies!



Hi Ninying,

One benefit of the Pinpoint tags is that they are user-rechargeable, something pretty much unheard of for satellite tags for decades!  If you can recover the tags, you might be able to achieve a larger samples size with fewer tags (less $$) by redeploying the recovered tags - without the costs of having the manufacturer refurbish them.