discussion / Acoustics  / 27 October 2023

PAM workflow and file question

Hey everyone,

I have been working in Arbimon to identify the call of an animal I'm studying (hack call of Ceropithecus nictitans), and have 400 presences and 500 absences in my training set. I want to export them and make some CNNs in RStudio.

The issue I'm running into is that the original recording files are 60 minutes long. Arbimon divided them into 1 minute sections, but the export file has all 60 clips sharing the same file name (because they do!). Does anyone have any suggestions of how to break up my original audio files into one minute clips so I can import my training set into R? I have 86000 minutes of recordings, so I really don't want to do each file individually....

Thank you for any advice you have!