discussion / Acoustics  / 11 October 2023

Arbimon - Jobs are not working

Hi guys,

I have a quick question: The jobs on Arbimon are not running for a week now, I can't find a support site on Arbimon. Does someone have a suggestion, why the jobs won't finish? Anyone else has some problems?

Thank you! Best, Jennifer

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks so much for notifying us about this! We have a support page here and you can contact our user support team directly by clicking the green 'question mark' icon in the bottom right corner of the Arbimon page. We can absolutely look on the backend to see what is stalling your jobs, we'll just need a bit more information (e.g., project name, job type, playlist size, etc.) to do diagnostics. I can reach out to you directly for that info - what's a good email for you?