Software for recording field data?

Heya - I'm after modernising our field data collection process from paper records to directly digitised recording. I'm planning on getting 2-3 tablets, and am looking for apps that can be used to reliably collect and store data. We'll have stable internet connection most evenings, but otherwise access to the internet will be choppy at best. At each field visit we'll take quite a few different measures so ideally an app where you can do multiple different survey types.

I've used epicollect before, but is there anything better out there? We've some money available for this!



Hi - I use Epicollect with students at Uni, but at work we pay for Fulcrum, and have been using it successfully for a number of years. It's very good, lots of potential data types, you can set default/required entries, include your own selection lists, can upload your own base maps as MBtiles, etc, etc.  Also the interface on screen is better than Epicollect as you can have an entire form on one screen, rather than having multiple questions each on their own screen.  Makes data entry much easier and quicker. ta!

Have a look at this Australian app and form builder. They are soon to bring out an upgrade for the website side to allow users to construct their own forms to link to the app. For now, they can easily modify an existing one to suit your needs.

Try CyberTracker Online - you can register here - Register - CyberTracker Online

Free to use, build your (multiple) apps on the web, and deploy to mobile devices/tablets for your data collectors. Supports offline data collection on the mobile and then later synching of data to server once there is a connection.

There is a User Guide here: CyberTracker Online User Guide — CyberTracker Online User Guide documentation

And Help Videos here: 

We are using the no longer updated Arcpad (fully fledged GIS solution) on Windows based rugged tablets from the company Juniper.

ArcPad has the advantage that it will work with standard .shp files for further processing and analysis in Desktop based ArcGIS programmes (or QGIS).

The rugged Mesa 2 tablets (predecessor to the current model) are a bit heavy but the battery lasts "forever" and they are surely rugged and waterproof. We also use them for interfacing with field loggers (like TinyTag or TOMST via USB for downloading and settings. Only disadvantages are their limited screen resolution 1280*800 px and that the link to the internal GPS sometimes gets lost requiring a restart (could be a Windows issue but nevertheless annoying).