discussion / Camera Traps  / 15 July 2023

Live Streaming from a Remote Location (no cell tower access)

I have set up a live camera on a remote Malleefowl mound & whilst it is working, I would like to improve the video quality. I am using Starlink internet (satellite) & a Google Nest camera. The internet upload speed is around 12mbps. The camera is one of the original Nest cameras before Google acquired them. The camera talks WIFI to the Starlink router and streams video to a Google site where anyone with a link can log in & see the camera.

I would like to move to a bit better quality camera with at least a zoom function, if not pan, tilt & zoom, that can stream live video to the internet (without a PC). This is where my knowledge ceases.

Can an IP camera stream live video to a web site where it can be accessed by anyone?


Graeme Tonkin, National Malleefowl Recovery Group, Australia

"The WiFi Solar Camera comes loaded with various features such as live monitoring ( via smartphone app ), motion sensor recording and notification alerts on detected movement, night vision, cloud storage of footage, an audio system to facilitate communication"