discussion / Biologging  / 8 June 2023

Help finding goniometers for sat tag recovery at sea

Hi. I am working with pop-up satellite tags (mini PAT tags) and I am looking for a way to recover them at sea after they popped up and while still transmitting. A goniometer is required for this, but the only one I have found, from ARGOS CLS, is extremely expensive at $10,900 USD... Does anyone know of alternative brands/models that are proven to work for at sea location of transmitting satellite tags? Any help will be much appreaciated. Ramón

Hey Roman, 

The cheapest alternative to the Goniometer is a basic handheld radio that you can tune to 401.65mHz coupled with a directional antenna. Unfortunately I don't have recommendations for either, but I know it can be done. Cheap, too...maybe a couple hundred dollars.