discussion / Camera Traps  / 19 April 2023

Indigenous groups working with camera traps in Latin America

Does anybody work with or know of Indigenous groups in Latin America who are proficient with camera trapping and using cam trap data for conservation/management action? A collaborator is looking into potential knowledge exchange opportunities with a group based in Paraguay. They could be anywhere in Latin America, but ideally would be able to communicate in Spanish. Thanks!


Happy to put you in contact with some of my grantees working in Mexico who have extensive experience in capacity building for indigenous communities focused in species monitoring, including: Eco-Creando Soluciones, AC, Bosque Antiguo, AC, Bioconciencia, AC. Let me know.



I've heard that Alianza Ceibo and Amazon Frontlines use camera traps in the Amazonian regions of Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru to monitor poaching and land encroachment. You can reach out to them directly or I can put you in touch with one of their program managers if you'd like (I only have her # and don't want to post her personal info directly on here though).