discussion / Biologging  / 11 January 2017

Pangolin Tagging Challenges


I'm looking for information on Pangolin transmitters or sensors, the basics to start off with. What information is gathered specific to this species or what are the specifications of transmitters used for tagging and what are the challenges associated with transmitters for pangolin, etc. Perhaps also some pictures and specific designs that have or have not been effective. I'm looking at designing a transmitter embedded in keratinous pangolin scale shaped scaffold or another unique design, but I need more information to get this project started.




Icoteq are launching a new range of small tags that would be ideal for pangolin tracking!

Called TagRanger, the technology incorporates a LoRaWAN based tag with built in sensors and GPS.  It also features a ranging solution giving you your distance to the tag when within range <150m - ideal for finding something which is well hidden as you can navigate your way to the tag until it's within touching distance!

The user carries a small handheld 'Finder' device that acts as a LoRaWAN gateway paired to a mobile phone for live mapping (on and offline maps) and ranging functions.

Size is limited by your preferred battery size, but could be as small as 32mm x 38mm x15mm with a 400mAh battery.

Production units available beginning of September, happy to do demos and trials with prototypes now!

Please feel free to contact me for more information.