discussion / AI for Conservation  / 16 January 2023

ChatGPT for conservation

Hi, I've been wondering what this community's thoughts are on ChatGPT? I was just having a play with it and asked:

"could you write me a script in python that loads photos and tells me if there's cat in the photo?"

followed by...

"what if I haven't got a pre-trained model?"

and finally...

"are there any websites I could just upload all my images to that would do this for me?"

It's just such a useful tool, I wondered if anyone else has thoughts on how it could be useful for conservation?



Oh great conversation starter Isobel, I'm super curious about this as well. Is it something we should be paying attention to? Is it going to have a direct impact/application for conservation or should we looking more for downstream impacts from other changes it'll make? 

I haven't personally played around with it yet but definitely agree that it's an interesting discussion topic!! @StephODonnell next variety hour?? 


I've been using ChatGPT to help write R and Python code (it's good at suggesting packages I haven't heard of before, but never seems to run 100% the first time for complex tasks). I've also been playing around with getting it to edit scientific articles - some of its suggestions are helpful, but it seems to be far better at helping to "translate" technical text into accessible writing than it is to produce technical writing. I'm curious to see where this goes!