Suggestions for user research/co-design methodologies

Hi everyone, I'm wondering if anyone on here has an experience with user research or user testing for conservation technology 'products'? Please get in touch, I'd love to discuss methods!

Any product developers or service designers who have experience in user research, I'd love to hear from you! I'm broadly, working on an AI-based image classification tool for birds found in marketplaces/seizures etc

This is super interesting. I can discuss this a bit. There also are some CT organizations/companies we can connect with. Audiomoth might have done some of this I know Shah & FieldKit did user kits to 50 folks for field testing. 

In software development, the current fashion is agile development. I have no experience but it sounds simple enough: just don't do too much research before developing something minimal. Present it to users, get feedback and quickly develop the next version.

The same presenter who introduced me to agile development also was enthusiastic about Balsamiq, which is a software to sketch user interfaces before actually making them. It provides users with a visual feel for what they will get and can already prompt valuable feedback without having to actually program anything.


Rainforest Connection is currently in the process of UX/UI research for our audio data analysis platform, Arbimon. I'll forward this thread to our lead on this.

The folks at ConservationX might have some insights as well with testing of the NABIT and Sentinel.