discussion / Camera Traps  / 12 January 2023

camera with fast trigger- and recovery time?

Hello Camtrappers!

Does anyone know a camera type, that is able to be triggered again immediately after the last trigger? I am talking about maybe one or two seconds, also three would be good enough. The producers always propose, that the trigger speed is under one second and added with the recovery time (let´s assume also one second for that) this should guarantee a timegap under 2 seconds between two triggers. I need a constant triggering with as many pictures as close together as possible. Each camera, that I tested never gets under 4 seconds at its best, and commonly needs 7 to 10 seconds. I cannot afford the high end devices, so I tested the following cameras: Secacam Pro, Secacam ProPlus, Secacam Raptor, Browning Patriot, Browning Dark OPS Pro, Stealthcam STC, Moultry M40i, Moultry M50i and none of them is able to be retriggered faster than 4 seconds. I did try different settings with different numbers of burst-shots and I usually use the lowest resolution. 

So I am really curious if there is a camera, that meets my reqirement? I guess, that REconyx cams can do this, but I am not so sure and they are too expansive anyway. Thank you for an answer, 


Browning spec ops and recon force models going back to the advantage series have a recovery time less than a second, and an ability to extend a video if the pir sensor is active.  Current models are “recon force elite hp5”  BTC-8E-HP5 (low glow flash) , and ”spec ops elite hp5” BTC-7E-HP5.  Older models were advantage, edge, annd elite hp4.

Without actually checking, I am reasonably sure that I get gaps beteeen videos of less than 4s with Browning ProXDs and Patriots, and the gap betwwen still images would be shorter than that. How are you triggering the cameras, what is you test set-up?

Yes, all Reconyx models I've used over the last 15 years will do faster than ~2-4 sec. And, if you're using them for >1-2 years or seasons, I very much doubt the actual cost-per-time is higher with Reconyx. They last, they're reliable, battery life is outstanding, they have 5 year warranties (I think all do), the company repairs cameras for a very reasonable cost, and they are super-responsive in terms of customer service. Obviously just my experience and opinion, but unless you're doing a 1-year project, or absolutely have to get X cameras for Y cost, Reconyx are worth the longer-term investment.