EO101 Part 3: How is it being used? - Discussion

Hello EO101 Community!

We'll be hosting a live chat on YouTube as part of our watch party of Part 3 on the WILDLABS YouTube channel. Tune in at 3:00pm BST | 10:00am EDT today!

If you are going through the course at your own pace and have questions or comments, drop them here!

Hi! Loving this series. Is there a way to get the slides from these talks? At least the informational/educational slides, understood the project ones you may not want to share. Thanks! 

No, just in general it's easier for me to absorb information when I can look at it at my own pace (like some things from the first lecture, trying to remember the different types of sensors and their strengths, etc). But no problem at all, I understand- I can always scroll through the video and also do other research online. Thanks for getting back to me!