discussion / Drones  / 9 June 2022

Cofounder needed

Hey all ! if you have an idea that you want to turn into a company- I would love to help. I have enough hardware/software knowledge (was an engineer) to be the cofounder of a climate/conservation tech company. I can help raise funds ( i raised over £15M in my last company and have 2 exits under my belt), can create scalable operations, take it to market and give it a solid chance for success! I am a fast learner , I have contacts in several industries and am funny :) let me know if you are one of those people...

Do you have any particular areas of interest within conservation tech? e.g., camera trapping, tracking/telemetry, passive acoustic monitoring, eDNA, etc. 

You might also check out the Conservation Tech Directory to see what other kinds of companies, organizations, etc. are involved in those different spaces. 

How exciting @Joyeeta ! I'd love to learn more about the companies and projects you worked on, can you share more info about them?

I once chatted to an entrepreneurial advisor with a couple of my conservation tech ideas, and he said my ideas are good/impactful but don't make for a product worth millions of $$$ of turnover per year that would interest investors. So I am very curious about how you got your conservation tech businesses off the ground!