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Friday check in - what have you been working on this week?

Hi everyone, 

How are you all doing this week? I'd love to hear about what you've been working on - drop into the thread today and share photos, wins/fails, interesting papers you've come across, all welcome. Big and small! We'll also post on twitter, so feel free to participate there as well. 

This week's twitter thread: https://twitter.com/Steph_ODonnell/status/1507390775998488577


Hi Stef (and others), I've been using old Natural resource maps from the 1970's to look at the habitats and resources that are identified within protected areas, most of which we haven't been able to survey in the future to help in a management planning workshop so that we can better understand what assessments need to be done in these areas for effective management of the resources.
some of the data isn't digitized as yet, 


Heya @LindyClydeKnowles - so nice to see you! This is super interesting, thanks for sharing :) 

Some cool stuff happening over on twitter too: 

Got back from deploying some AudioMoths & Swifts in SE Madagascar! Passive acoustic monitoring for lemurs. Also found out I got accepted to the @cv4ecology summer school! pic.twitter.com/qIlVE3hsqg

— Carly Batist (@Carly_Batist) March 12, 2022

Heard that I’ve been awarded £5k for acoustic recorder purchase! 

— Carlos Abrahams (@abr_eco) March 11, 2022

Been reviewing data from some recorders I put out in vineyards last year. Some fun stuff going on! pic.twitter.com/OM7NOM3v7k

— David Savage (@david_t_savage) March 11, 2022

@LiamSeaDickson I bet you did something exciting this week 

— Stuart Negus (@Stu_707) March 11, 2022

I had the opportunity to present my research using #drones4good to MPs at the Houses of Parliament, and talk about the importance of conserving our marine environment! 

I was a finalist in the #STEMforBRITAIN competition - it was an incredible experience! pic.twitter.com/W8cdW3IqCg

— Liam C Dickson (@LiamSeaDickson) March 11, 2022




I have been watching GPS collars carefully as their are nearing their time of drop-off. We are testing burst fixes on these last few weeks of their 2.5 year deployment. So I am keeping a close eye on the battery levels so they will not die before beeing dropped off.

Also, I have been cooperating with Tobias from the Firetail acceleration and tracking visualization software to get support of ACC data from our Vectronic Vertex Plus collars.

Finally I have testing IP security cameras to see if they could be suitable to monitor our arctic fox dens in Greenland.