discussion / Community Base  / 19 August 2021

Tech Tutors Capacity Building Episode: Call for Input

Hi all,

Our upcoming presenter Meredith Palmer is looking for community input as she works on her Tech Tutors presentation! In October, Meredith will kick off our third block of the season with a discussion of how those in the conservation tech community can better support capacity building efforts.

To make this conversation as useful and as inclusive as possible, Meredith is seeking feedback to make sure diverse perspectives are represented and considered. She says:

"I have great interest in but only limited personal experience acting on the themes in my topic, so it would be great to recruit some diverse perspectives. Most broadly, I'd like to use our episode to discuss 'parachute science' (e.g., scientists from the wealthy Western world conducting research in foriegn communities without engaging, benefiting, or acknowledging the contributions of the local people they work with) in the context of conservation technology. Technology is developing far more quickly than our efforts to provide equitable access and opportunities to these advancements. If anyone has experience in capacity building for technical skills or empowering and uplifting diverse voices in conservation tech, I'd love their insight on the challenges and outcomes of engaging in these efforts."

If you'd like to contribute with your feedback and input, comment here to let us know, or reach out to Meredith directly at [email protected].

Thanks Wildlabbers!