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Tech Tutors: How do I choose the right camera trap(s) based on interests, goals, and species?

Hi everyone, 

We can't wait to kick off Tech Tutors season 3 with Marcella Kelly tomorrow. This thread will serve as a space to follow up after the episode and continue the conversation. There are lots of interesting questions coming through as folks register, so it's going to be a really fun session. If you want to join, there is still time to register here: 

Join our first Tech Tutor, camera trap expert Marcella Kelly, at 4pm GMT | 11am EST on Thursday, July 15th.

If you're not able to make the session, we'll update this thread with the recording, and you can always catch everything on our youtube channel. If you watch the tutorial after the session and have questions, jump in the chat below and we'll get them answered. 

See you all tomorrow!


UPDATE: You can now watch the full recording of Marcella's episode below! You can also view more about the episode here on WILDLABS, and watch the recording on our Youtube channel