discussion / Community Base  / 21 May 2021

WILDLABS Journal Club: DIY camera trap, optimising use of biologgers, Allen Coral Atlas

Hi everyone, 

It is so hard to stay on top of the sheer volume of conservation tech literature and work happening - even for our team! So to help with this, we started a WILDLABS journal club and it's 100% my new favourite thing. Every second friday, we come along with a cool project, paper or technology to share - everyone gets 1 slide, 3 mins to present. 

Here are the slides & links from this week's journal club if you want to dig in and read more. 

If you'd like to join, drop a comment below and I'll make sure you get a calendar invite to join + our slide template. 



cc @taliaspeaker @EllieW @carlybatist @Tatjana.Baleta @Papasean


@carlybatist In Case You Missed it: