discussion / Early Career  / 28 April 2021

Seeking opportunities: Innovation manager with hands on skills in prototyping, data-science, product

I am looking for career opportunities to align passion for tech with love for nature: I mean that I care about the conseguences of my working activities (including negative externalities I may contribute to) and in perpective I wanna carrying out part of my working activities feeling engaged outdoors.

I love inquiring understanding and observing of animals, I feel comfortable in the wild. I also feel very much comfortable whenever I need to experiment and ideate.

Any suggestions for organisations or networking, where my background can be already OK to start a collaboration and gain experience in nature conservation  + tech ?

Below, a few things I may contribute with:

- In the international developement sector I worked in innovation management, I followed up with projects related to improving livelihood in remote rural areas, and participatory GIS (cybertracker). 
- Data-science researcher - developed sustainability metrics to gauge impact of global food trade. Graph analytics, data-mining, data-sanitisation, some machine learning techniques, data-visualisation.
- Tech startups - co-founder + consultancies. Worked on both UX and tech innovation. Tech-wise, I developed products and models for knowledge discovery. Comfortable with Network science, graph-analytics, data-visualisations, knowledge graphs, some machine learning. Interested about ESG metrics. Savvy about UX, functional design, agile approaches.
- Personal initiatives - developed MVP applications to engage public audiences and civil society in discovery of sustainable food and in uncovering knowledge mapping.

I am interested in machine learning applied to animal communication, bio-acustic, ethology; ML and earth science to gauge deplation of natural capital; I can lead projects related to mapping information and divulging insights to engage decision makers and civil society. Im vocal about the connection nature conservation and inequality. Open to initiatives and suggestions for working opportunities.

I am open to consider volunteer in areas where I can acquire relevant skills and on-field experiences as a relevant investment (but they should at least cover expenses!). Thank you!!!!