discussion / Biologging  / 23 February 2021

GPS tag modification

Any hardware engineers in here that can provide support with modifying GPS tags for pangolins? I will be deploying GPS tags on white-bellied pangolins and need to modify the point to attachment (i.e. base of the tag). The manufacturers are reluctant to make this change, however, they make good quality tags and given the tag is about 15g, I think replacing the plastic base with a harder material won't significantly increase the weight of the tag. Thanks!

Hi Carl,

Do you have a link or a photo of the existing tag?  I'm having trouble picturing the issue you're facing!



Hi Carl, 

Is there any reason you cannot screw the GPS unit directly to a scale through the three existing holes? You could use a quick setting glue between the scale and GPS, not for strength but to ensure there is nothing that can get between the scale and GPS to bust it off. Maybe quick set epoxy but even just gap filler might do the job.

I just realised how old this thread is so maybe you have already solved the issue.