discussion / Camera Traps  / 19 February 2021

MegaDetector on Edge Devices ??


Hi all.  I'm a relatively new member of the community and have been trying to consume the many excellent videos, discussions and resources before asking questions.  Hopefully I haven't missed this one somewhere along the way....

I have used off the shelf camera traps for many years and am kicking around some ideas in hopes of creating a better solution.  I am in my early days of learning ML and the many associated technologies - and it's been many years since I worked with microcontrollers. But, hey, what's the point of life without a few hurdles to overcome, right!? :)

I'm trying to understand if it is possible to run MegaDetector on an edge device like a Raspberry Pi to perform the detection on 1 to 10 images at a time (not large quantities). All the info I'm finding online seems to be focused on processing large images collections and therefore assumes use of Azure or AWS compute resources.

Is this because it's not feasible/practical to run MegaDetector on the device?

BTW, please point me to another thread if this has already been discussed.

Thank you!