discussion / Connectivity  / 11 February 2021

Tech Tutors: How do I get started with LoRa? Connectivity in conservation

Hi everyone!

This week Sean Sturley is giving us the low-down on LoRa with his episode: How do I get started with LoRa? Connectivity in conservation.

If you missed the event, you can catch up on the recording below.

This thread is your place to continue the Q&A (or ask your question ahead of time if you can't make it to the episode). Drop any questions for Sean in this thread and we'll make sure he sees them!

And of course, if you have questions for each other or want to continue discussions from the episode chat, you can also use this thread to connect and collaborate!


Hi all, good to see more interest for LoRaWAN in conservation. Smart Parks is a not-for-profit organisation that has been promoting, building and supporting LoRaWAN solutions for conservation for at least 6 years now. Part of this is our OpenCollar innitiative, to develop and share an open-source animal tracking solution. Many of you have already supported this innitiative, and the movement is growing fast! We have come very far with the most advanced trackers and collars of all sizes (rhino, pangolin, cheetah, lion, wisent, elephant). A great example is our recent ElephantEdge campaign with Hackster.io. We are are providing this technology as affordable as we can so more wildlife can be protected. Check us out at: www.smartparks.org and www.opencollar.io