discussion / Camera Traps  / 8 February 2021

I made an open-source tool to help you sort camera trap images

Hi all. For the past couple of months I have been volunteering with the New Zealand Department of Conservation. They needed a tool that speeds up the process of weeding out empty images. Typically this would be a long, manual and mundane process.

You might have heard of MegaDetector, a machine-learning model for detecting animals (and people and vehicles) in images -- I built a GUI wrapper around the model which will process your images, sort them into folders (e.g.: animal/empty/person/multiple) and then let you review the results to ensure 100% accuracy. Yes, you still have to review your images, but the app is designed to make the process as quick as possible.

Here is a quick video of a slightly older version in action (some of the UI is a little different now)

I just released v0.0.1 which you can find here.
Would love to hear what you guys think and I'm happy to answer any questions.

Very interesting! Will be looking into this in the coming weeks, thanks for sharing (and building it)!

Does it work with videos ?

This is wonderful! Thank you for creating and sharing it. The GitHub link doesn't work; it has some extra characters in it. Is this the right link?