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WWF Conservation Technology Series: Drones in Conservation

hello drone enthusiasts

Issue #5 of the WWF Conservation Technology Series entitled “Drones for Conservation” launches today:

6 co-authors from University of Exeter Drone Lab, WWF-Germany, WWF-Brazil, Flora and Fauna International have collaborated to deliver this detailed handbook to help all conservation practitioners (not just academics) understand the benefits, the opportunities, and limits of drone technology. Drones are often hailed as a panacea for our conservation problems. In this guide we use the scientific literature and 10 case studies (5 of them from women!) to explain HOW and WHERE drones can safely deliver useful information, and the key considerations surrounding their use.

A heartfelt thank you to James Duffy, Karen Anderson, Felipe Spina Avino, Leon DeBell, Paul Glover-Kapfer for their dedication to producing this issue, which took over two years, and was well worth it.
Follow our conservation technology project on researchgate: https://www.researchgate.net/project/Conservation-Technologies-and-Methodologies
And download and share the guide! it's free to download! 

...have you read the post until here?

limited hard copies will be available. If you want one for yourself, post an original drone haiku (5-7-5) in this thread and I will ship you one.